to event definition

    "key_code": "The name of key_code",
    "consumer_key_code": "The name of consumer_key_code",
    "pointing_button": "The name of pointing_button",

    "shell_command": "shell command",

    "select_input_source": {
        "language": "language regex",
        "input_source_id": "input source id regex",
        "input_mode_id": "input mode id regex"

    "set_variable": {
        "name": "variable name",
        "value": "variable value"

    "mouse_key": mouse_key definition,

    "sticky_modifier": sticky modifier definition,

    "software_function": software function definition,

    "modifiers": [

    "lazy": false,
    "repeat": true,
    "halt": false,
    "hold_down_milliseconds": 0
Name Required Description
key_code Optional Key code which you want to post
consumer_key_code Optional Consumer key code (media key code) which you want to post
pointing_button Optional Pointing button name which you want to post
shell_command Optional Shell command which you want to execute
select_input_source Optional Input source which you want to switch
set_variable Optional A varaible name and value which you want to change
mouse_key Optional A mouse key definition
sticky_modifier Optional A sticky modifier key definition
software_function Optional A software function definition
modifiers Optional Modifiers which are post with the event
lazy Optional Lazy modifier flag
repeat Optional Key repeat flag
halt Optional A flag for to_after_key_up
hold_down_milliseconds Optional Interval of key_down and key_up when these events are sent at the same time

Investigate key names

  • You can find key_code, consumer_key_code and pointing_button names by EventViewer.
  • You can also confirm names in list. (See "data" in the list.)

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