Some operations are required to grant proper permission from macOS to Karabiner-Elements. Follow these instructions to set up Karabiner-Elements.

Install Karabiner-Elements

  1. Open the downloaded file. dmg
  2. Open the .pkg file. pkg
  3. The installer will be opened. Install Karabiner-Elements.

Open Karabiner-Elements Preferences

  1. Open Karabiner-Elements from Launchpad.

Allow system software which provides virtual devices for Karabiner-Elements

  1. The following alert will be shown when you open Karabiner-Elements Preferences.
  2. Click Open Security & Privacy System Preferences button, then press the Allow button.

Grant Input Monitoring to Karabiner-Elements processes

  1. Two Keystroke Receiving alerts will be shown on macOS Catalina or later after you allow the kernel extension.
  2. Press the Open System Preferences button on both alerts.
  3. System Preferences will be opened after you press the Open System Preferences button.
    Choose Privacy > Input Monitoring, and then enable karabiner_grabber and karabiner_observer.
    (You have to unlock configuration by clicking the padlock icon in the bottom-left corner and providing a valid admin account username and password.)

Setup your keyboard layout

  1. Keyboard Setup Assistant will be opened.
    Choose your keyboard layout. (ANSI, ISO or JIS)

Configure Karabiner-Elements

Enjoy keyboard configuration!